Origin 600 ADCP

Origin rewrites the story of your relationship with an ADCP. With a 50-meter current profiling range, on-board Edge data processing and an integrated acoustic modem, Origin 600 provides in-situ, high resolution measurements with on-demand data retrieval – reducing survey costs, risk and time. Choose between industry standard data formats, or our new and exclusive proprietary format which offers up to ten times greater spatial resolution.

At a glance

  • 625 kHz, 1.2 to 50 m profiling range, 150 m operational depth rating
  • All-in-one design; compact and easy to install from small vessels
  • Deploy and forget; integrated MF frequency modem offers in-situ data recovery, remote re-configuration and survey QC
  • Internal rechargeable battery allows for deployments of three months. Dual battery and external power options
  • Onboard data storage and processing, 1 TB onboard storage as standard
  • Optional seafloor stand with integrated Sonardyne acoustic release for recovery using Ranger family of USBL systems
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Origin 600 has a five-beam configuration, with a central vertical beam. This geometry, paired with a maximum sampling frequency of 4 Hz on all beams, is suitable for waves and turbulence applications, as well as mean currents. All beams also act as echosounders, providing high resolution backscatter intensity measurements.

Origin 600 possesses power efficient electronics that, combined with its 55 Ah internal rechargeable battery, allow for deployments of three months and more depending on measurement schedule. A dual battery option allows for even longer or energy demanding deployments. This long battery life reduces the need for risky and costly device retrieval. External power can be supplied by PoE, allowing the user to program and download data without a separate power supply.

Origin 600 delivers conventional PD0 data as standard, whilst optionally logging proprietary formats with up to ten times greater spatial resolution than PD0. These allow users to probe structure in the velocity and backscatter intensity data at an order of magnitude finer detail than previously possible. Data is logged to the onboard storage unit with 1 TB capacity as standard.

A suite of intuitive software tools are available for Origin 600. Schedules can be configured using the Origin Scheduler PC application, enabling operations to be de-risked prior to deployment. The Origin Portal Web UI facilitates device configuration in operational conditions, including modification of the sampling schedule. Two schedules can be run together, allowing dual monitoring tasks to be performed with a single device. File data can be inspected using the Origin Viewer software package.

An MF acoustic modem is integrated as standard and facilitates remote actions using an accompanying topside modem (sold separately) and the Origin Topside PC software. This enables data inspection and QC, battery and storage checks, schedule reconfiguration, and data offload; all core features of the ADCP can be accessed acoustically once deployed.

Origin 600 is compatible with the Sonardyne Edge computing environment. This permits users to upload processing apps to Origin 600 that optimise the data for their specific application. Apps can be uploaded via Origin Portal or Topside and resulting data exported over the acoustic modem, supporting post-capture data harvesting and near real-time topside monitoring.

Finally, Origin 600 is compatible with standard mounting infrastructure, reducing risk and cost for upgrading to this device. For a complete solution, we provide a dedicated, rugged stand with space for dual redundant releases.



Datasheet / Manuals

Sonardyne Origin 600 ADCP Datasheet:

Link to Origin 600 Manuals



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