Meet the HQ Time-Lapse Camera PTM

12-Megapixel Sensor | User-Defined Framerate | Your Eyes in the Field

Obscape's HQ Time-Lapse Camera PTM is ideally suited for long-term visual monitoring of gradually evolving processes, such as beach and river morphology, littering of surface waters or construction works.

The operational 10 to 60-minute interval of the HQ Time-Lapse Camera PTM allows for monitoring of processes that gradually evolve on timescales of 10 minutes and up. Examples of such processes include sediment dynamics in rivers, on beaches and in dune areas, construction works, traffic intensity, parking lot occupancy or cloud formation. The ability of the device to collect image bursts at a known frame rate yields a whole range of additional applications, such as velocity estimation of cars or water surfaces.

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The downward-looking version of the HQ Time-Lapse Camera was developed particularly for monitoring debris/litter on water surfaces. Paired with automatic litter detection software, the camera will keep a close watch on pollution rates of the river surface over time.


Product Overview

Compared to our existing Time-Lapse Camera models, the incredible High Quality (HQ) Camera module offers a higher resolution (12 megapixels, compared to 5 megapixels) and the ability to record image bursts of up to 10 images at a user-defined framerate.

Key Features

  • Up to 12.3MP image quality
  • Downward & forward-looking options available
  • Completely wireless
  • Solar powered
  • Image bursts at user-defined framerate
  • Real-time data up to 4G
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Versatile data portal included

Covering Time & Space

Time-Lapse cameras are your ideal partner to fill gaps between sporadic measurements and achieve dense coverage of spatial and temporal dynamics, allowing you to keep a close watch on everything that happens in your area of interest.


Water Level, Wave Height, Weather


Parameters Water level, battery voltage, GSM signal strength, internal temperature
Sampling Interval 5 – 60 minutes (user selectable)
Storage Data portal & on-board micro SD card

Data Specifications

Image Resolution 12.3MP (highest), 5MP (middle) to 2MP (lowest)
Burst Size 1 to 10 images
Burst Framerate 0.25 to 10 fps
Additional Parameters Battery voltage, cellular signal strength, atmospheric pressure, internal temperature, sensor inclination
Time-Lapse Interval 10 – 60 minutes (user selectable)
Storage On-board micro SD card

Web Portal Specifications

Image Viewer Clickable thumbnails and time range selector
Online Graphs Battery voltage, cellular signal strength, internal temperature, atmospheric pressure, sensor inclination
Downloads JPG images (zipped), MP4/AVI time-lapse movie
Forwarders JSON API or HTTP post
Status Notification Emails Online/offline, battery level

Physical Characteristics

Housing Width 87 mm
Housing Depth 87 mm
Housing Height 230 mm
Weight 1.5kg

Electrical Characteristics

Solar Panel Capacity 3W
Battery 1 single 18650 lithium battery
Nominal Voltage 4.2V

Telemetry Specifications

Communication Mode Cellular (4G with 2G fallback- region determine prior to order)
Real-time Data Interval 10 – 60 minutes (user selectable, same as time-lapse interval)
Real-time Data Images (user selectable framerate and burst size), cellular signal strength, battery voltage, internal temperature, atmospheric pressure, sensor inclination.
GSM Data Load Approx. 1.5MB per image (12.3MP)


HQ Camera €2,000 including Std HQ lens, web-portal license and mounting bracket
Lens Custom lenses can be integrated if the user wishes to have control over focal length and have superior image quality. Typical cost approx. €210.
Cellular Communication Micro SIM card and sufficient data credit to be arranged by user. Camera can also be run in offline mode (images saved to SD card).

PTM Data Portal

Purchase of any PTM & Sensor includes the Data Portal subscription and mounting brackets Free of Charge

PTM Data Portal

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