ProbeGuard controls biofouling on various moored sensors by enclosing them in a chamber that is opened and flushed to collect data. A dilute chlorine solution is periodically added to the chamber to bathe all sensors in the anti-foulant. ProbeGuard has been tested in multiple environments with impressive results.

  • Extremely effective
  • Three months of protection
  • Magnetically coupled stirring
  • Low power consumption
  • Smaller housing
  • Extremely reliable
  • Low cost
  • SDI-12 control


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ProbeGuard prevents biofouling on various sensors by protecting them in a closeable sampling chamber and periodically bathing them in a dilute chlorine solution. Data is collected after the sampling chamber has been thoroughly flushed with a high efficiency propeller.

Collect your instruments months after the deployment and the data is as clean as the sensors!

  • No more scrubbing delicate sensors
  • No more painting sensors with anti- fouling paint
  • No more tedious copper tape
  • No more wipers
  • No more questions about data quality

Field Testing Report


Data Sheet

ProbeGuard Data Sheet

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