UVC LED Antifouling Lights

Biological fouling is a significant challenge that affects data quality with long-term sensor deployments.

Traditional control solutions, such as mechanical cleaning, can be relatively ineffective and costly in the long term due to the fast recolonization process, especially at stations than can be serviced only a few times a year.

Chemical antifouling are highly toxic and environmentally aggressive and banned for its use since 2008 in EU-wide. The use of UV light underwater offers a non-toxic solution to this problem.

The first-time used combination of underwater LED lights with optical lenses leads to an energy efficient, long life and low cost alternative to the control of fouling.

This game-changer solution, vital to scientific measurement operations, can also be applied in many other areas where underwater measurements play a major role, or in long- term operations that depend on battery power.

The UV lamps are delivered with a programing unit that allows individual programming of the light cycles and duration.

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