for imaging FEATURING geo-referenced digital capture



YUCO-LUMEN is a micro-AUV equipped with an underwater camera from Arctic Rays, for imaging acquisition that features geo-referenced digital capture of both still images and video. It comes with a DVL, to compensate current drift, improve positioning and keep altitude from the sea floor. It can be equipped with underwater acoustic positioning and communication module.

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  1. Start key and charging port
  2. Mast (UHF radio communication, GNSS antenna and status LEDs)
  3. Nose (wet part for buoyancy foam and payloads)
  4. Underwater camera
  5. DVL (Doppler Velocity Logger)
  6. Sealed dry body section which contains Lithium- Ion battery and electronics
  7. Lighting
  8. Fins
  9. Propulsion Thruster


Length 110 cm
Body Diameter 12 cm
Weight in Air 10 kg
Depth Rating 300 m
Speed 2 to 6 knots
Endurance 10 hours @ 3 knots / 6 hours @ 4 knots (with Li-Ion battery)
Navigation Accuracy <5m absolute positioning within USBL surface module range
Energy Rechargeable 600Wh/14.8V Li-Ion
Battery Charger 100 to 240 VAC 50 to 60 Hz
Programming Interface SEAPLAN software by SEABER
Surface Communication LoRa UHF point-to-point communication with SEACOMM device For YUCO status messages and orders 868Mhz frequency range (depends on region)
Accessories Rugged transport case Spare parts and tools in waterproof bag


Model Waterlinked
A50 Frequency 1 MHz
Beam Angle 22.5 degrees
Ping Rate 4-26 Hz
Max Altitude 50 meters
Max Velocity 3.75 m/s
Velocity Resolution 0.1 mm/s

Imaging Payload

Model Arctic Rays SwordFish

Optical Specifications

Imaging Type Camera Sensor
Camera Lens Still Image Resolution
Still Image Rep Rate Video Modes
Angle of View Field of View
Imaging Altitude Single Camera, Stills and Video
Sony 1MX304 12.3 MP, 1.1 in. Format, Back-Illuminated Color CMOS with Global Shutter
12 mm f/2.8 Rectilinear Low Distortion (-0.5%)
4,096 x 3,000 12.3 MP
4 Hz Max, Full-Res Standard 720p HD @ 60 fps; 1,080p FHD @ 30 fps; 4K UHD @ 10 fps
71° in Air; 51° in Water Approx. 96% of Altitude in Water 3-5 m Recommended

Lighting Specifications

Integrated Lighting Color Temperature
Output Lumens Beam Angle
Strobe Pulse Duration Strobe Rep Rate
Torch Dimming 4x Fixed Dual-Mode LED Arrays
5,700K 70 CRI Minimum Standard
60,000 Lm in Strobe Mode; 6,000 Lm in Torch Mode 100°
5 ms Max Standard 2 Hz Max Standard; 4 Hz Optional
0-100% in 1% Increments

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