Portable Fluorescence Microscope

View samples in 200x magnification

Great where bench space is limited

For samples >5-10um in size

In the lab the microscope is suitable for qualitative sorting of samples, eg sorting organisms that are successfully expressing GFP (or other fluorophores) from those that are not

Great for education, science outreach and demonstrations

Optional hard shell case includes slides and cover slips.

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Key Features

  • High pass filter at 500nm. So you will see emissions in the green, yellow and red.
  • The microscope uses transfluorescence with the source on the opposite side of the sample from the lens. Epifluorescence (with the source and the lens on the same side of the sample) is more usual on laboratory microscopes.
  • Limited brightfield capability.
  • One excitation wavelength = 465nm (blue).
  • The working distance is about 1mm, which usually requires slide mounting.
  • The head position determines the focus. There is just one focal plane, so one head position with the correct focus. The field of view is fixed at 1.17mm, but you can zoom in on your tablet or other device.


Equipment Filter + system to pump and measure the filtered flow.
Magnification 200x when viewed on 9″ tablet screen
1mm field of view
Excitation Wavelength 465nm, other wavelengths on request
Emission Wavelength >500nm (detected is with a colour camera, so there is some discrimination of emission colour). Other emission wavelength options available on request.
Brightfield Fluorescence only, not suitable for use in brightfield mode. Basic brightfield illumination is provided to help find subjects.
Display Smartphone, tablet, or computer with WiFi connection.
Direct connection, no WiFi infrastructure or router is required (internet is not required)
Image Sharing On a smartphone or tablet, images and videos are stored in the gallery / camera roll for easy sharing.
On a computer, images and videos are stored in the web browser’s downloads folder.
ioLight App Free for download from the Apple® or Google Play® app store
Image Format 5MP (2592 x 1944 pixels); colour
Video Format MPEG-4; colour; up to 1296 x 972; 10 fps
Folded Dimensions 160mm x 101mm x 32mm
Operating Dimensions 160mm x 101mm x 107mm
Weight 450g
Power Supply Integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB charger (supplied)
Warranty One-year warranty for parts and labor. If the microscope fails, a replacement will be sent (customer responsible for the shipping) unless it has been determined abused.


  • A tablet or phone running iOS 8.1 or higher or Android® 4.4 or higher, or a computer with WiFi and Google Chrome (or another web browser)
  • We recommend newer, faster devices. Older low-performance devices may work, but this is not guaranteed.

What's In The Box

  • Your ioLight Magnificent Mobile Microscope
  • USB charger, international model
  • Protective pouch
  • Users’ guide and certificate of conformity

Time-Lapse for Android

  • The standard Android app allows Android Devices to record a sequence of Time-Lapse images from your ioLight microscope automatically. The app records images at regular intervals of a few minutes to days.
  • Time-Lapse is great to use with the Inverted Microscope to monitor the growth of cells and cultures in incubators.


App Requires Android device
Now included in the standard Android App from the Google Play Store
Minimum Interval 20 seconds
Number of Images Limited by the storage available on the Android device.
Each image requires <1Mb of storage space
Usage For long runs, connect your Android device to power keep the app running in the foreground.
Remote Access The ioLight Internet Module connects your ioLight microscope to the internet and your Android tablet at the same time. This means that Time Lapse images can be shared anywhere in real-time using Google photos or any other photo-sharing app. This allows researchers to view their experiments from home overnight or at the weekends.

Time Lapse ioLight

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