Cell Imager Microscope

Ideal for use as a Bench Microscope in teaching applications

It can image any feature from about 10 micrometres up to 1mm depending on the contrast. Contrast enhancement features such as now NA illumination and dark field are available.

View transparent samples from below in a Petri dish, flask, well plate or cavity slide.

Time-lapse images can be saved and viewed remotely. The time-lapse viewing is currently available only on Android devices and can be installed at the time of purchase. It stores images in the photo library of the Android device and this can be synchronised with a photo app (such as Google Photos) when the Android next connects to a Google account.

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Viewing transparent samples from below in a Petri dish, flask, well plate or cavity slide. The microscope is compact and can be put inside incubators, safety cabinets or glove boxes. The display is outside the chamber, so there is no need to open the door. Time-lapse images can be saved and viewed remotely.

This microscope is ideal for cell culture and other professional laboratory applications. It also can be used as a bench microscope.


Magnification 400x
Field of View Approx. 1mm, Resolution 1µm
Sample Container Petri dish, flask, well plate, or cavity side with clear transparent base and lid.
Maximum Focal Length 6mm stage to sample
Maximum Sample Height 40mm (flask)
Illumination Adjustable top and bottom illumination
Brightfield, low NA brightfield, and darkfield
Display Smartphone, tablet, or computer. No WiFi infrastructure or router is required.
Image Sharing Images and videos are stored on the display device for easy sharing.
Images can be viewed remotely in Google Photos or any image-sharing software.
Time-Lapse images can be recorded on Android devices
ioLight App Free for download from the Apple® or Google Play® app store
Built-in web server available from any computer with Chrome and other browsers
Image Format 5.0 Megapixels (2592 x 1944 pixels); colour JPG.
BMP and PNG available on the web browser
Video Format MPEG-4; colour; up to 1296 x 972; 10 fps
Time-Lapse App for Android device enables Time-Lapse image sequences
Dimensions 190 x 140 x 110mm
Weight 1.4kg
Power Supply Integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB charger (supplied)
The power cable is sealed into the housing to prevent the atmosphere from entering the microscope and can be extended if required.
Warranty One-year warranty for parts and labor. If the microscope fails, a replacement will be sent (customer responsible for the shipping) unless it has been determined abused.


  • A tablet or phone running iOS 8.1 or higher or Android® 4.4 or higher, or a computer with WiFi and Google Chrome (or another web browser)
  • We recommend newer, faster devices. Older low-performance devices may work, but this is not guaranteed.

What's In The Box

  • Your ioLight Magnificent Mobile Microscope
  • USB charger, international model
  • Users’ guide and certificate of conformity

Time-Lapse for Android

  • The standard Android app allows Android Devices to record a sequence of Time-Lapse images from your ioLight microscope automatically. The app records images at regular intervals of a few minutes to days.
  • Time-Lapse is great to use with the Inverted Microscope to monitor the growth of cells and cultures in incubators.


App Requires Android device
Now included in the standard Android App from the Google Play Store
Minimum Interval 20 seconds
Number of Images Limited by the storage available on the Android device.
Each image requires <1Mb of storage space
Usage For long runs, connect your Android device to power keep the app running in the foreground.
Remote Access The ioLight Internet Module connects your ioLight microscope to the internet and your Android tablet at the same time. This means that Time Lapse images can be shared anywhere in real-time using Google photos or any other photo-sharing app. This allows researchers to view their experiments from home overnight or at the weekends.

Time Lapse ioLight

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