Phosphate Sensor

Based on advanced lab-on-chip technology, the ClearWater Sensors miniaturized microfluidic phosphate sensor performs lab-grade measurements wherever you need them.

  • Onboard calibration standards
  • Long-term accuracy
  • Sensitive wet-chemical method
  • Submersible to 6000m
  • Measurements up to every 6 minutes
  • User-swappable reagent canister


All chemical waste is stored in the reagent canister – no chemicals are released into the environment.

  • Ocean
  • Estuaries
  • Rivers
  • Glacial meltwater
  • Laboratory incubations
  • CTD casts
  • Benthic landers
  • Coastal and deep moorings
  • Remotely operated vehicles
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Gliders
  • Profiling floats


  • We provide all the reagents you need in a replaceable canister that attaches to the sensor.
  • Each analyser is shipped with a full reagent canister so that it is ready to use as soon as it arrives.
  • We supply replacement cartridges that can be swapped out in the field.
  • We also offer a refilling service to reuse the cartridges and minimise cost and waste.
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