ANB Sensors – The Next Generation of pH Monitoring

Next Generation pH Sensors

We are excited to work with ANB Sensors and introduce their line of next generation pH sensors to North America!

For environmental monitoring professionals, pH conjures up visions of fragile glass bulbs that are prone to breaking and reference solutions that need frequent replenishing. In addition, the many site visits that are needed to re-calibrate are costly and resource intensive.

Rugged, solid-state pH sensors have changed the game for environmental pH monitoring …

  • Glass bulbs?  So long …
  • Calibration?  No need …
  • Keep sensor wet?  Live it up and go dry without a care 🙂

ANB pH sensors can be integrated on to other platforms or deployed as stand-alone sensors. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us to discuss this technology in more detail and to see if these sensors might be a good fit for your environmental water quality monitoring!

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