Chelsea Technologies – Making The World Cleaner, Safer, and Smarter

Leaders in Sensor Manufacturing and Design

For over 50 years, Chelsea Technologies has applied its deep passion for science and innovation to solve customers’ problems and we are proud to have worked closely with them for over 20 years.

Chelsea designs and manufactures best-in-class environmental monitoring technology to make the world safer, cleaner, and smarter. Their award-winning water quality sensor solutions include:

  • TriLux Complete Algae Sensor
  • UviLux Tryptophan Sensor
  • LabSTAF Phytoplankton Productivity Monitor
  • Sea Sentry IMO Compliant Wash Water Monitoring System

Chelsea sensors & systems are used around the world to:

  • Help customers understand the natural environment
  • Improve water treatment processes
  • Comply with ballast water and exhaust gas wash water monitoring regulations
  • Monitor for pollution and contaminants in aquatic systems
  • Support oceanographic & defense research.

Environmental monitoring inspired by science, delivered by engineering excellence.  

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