ClearWater Sensors – Remote Nutrient Monitoring, Solved

We are excited to provide the ClearWater Sensors line of Lab-On-Chip precision submersible nutrient sensors for freshwater, coastal, and marine environmental monitoring applications!

This is the latest Lab-On-Chip technology based on the original patented platform developed by the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK.

Having contributed to hundreds of scientific research projects, these field-proven sensors provide lab quality, high resolution data at a fraction of the cost of manual sampling.


  • Accurate and Precise – Automatic on-board calibration for consistent high-quality data
  • Designed for Remote Monitoring – Submersible in marine and freshwater environments
  • Ideal for Long-Term Deployments – Low maintenance and low power requirements
  • Portable and Easy to Set-Up – Data collection in just a few easy steps
  • Environmentally Friendly – Zero pollution during sample collection and analysis
  • Provides Universal Data Output – On-board data storage & RS-232, RS485, USB communications
  • Generates Thousands of Data Points – High frequency data up to every 5 minutes

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